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Ultra High Performance

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Discover the brilliance of HDI Xenon Lighting. This technology utilizes the ultra-high performance Xenon light source to provide outstanding illumination that is very close in the colour spectrum to natural daylight. Providing light output that is twice that of conventional halogen bulbs, the Xenon capsule has a protected life span that is five times greater, while only drawing a low 3 amps of current. Nighttime visibility is greatly improved and eye fatigue is reduced.

      • Lightweight Fiberglass Filled Polymer Housing
      • Includes Xenon Capsule and External Ballast with Heavy Duty Cable
      • Optional Lexan Lens Cover
      • Sold Individually


  • 83005 - 12V Xenon / Capsule D2S 35W / Driving
  • 83006 - 12V Xenon / Capsule D2S 35W / Pencil
  • 98005 - Clear Lexan Cover

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Prices and Availability


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