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WARN 4X Driving Lights

For all-around light for off-road driving, depend on WARN driving lights for unmatched performance. Two important distinctions set them apart. First the, 55 watt H-3 quartz halogen bulbs are designed with low amp-draw so they can be on all the time. Second, since driving lights are designed to supplement original equipement headlights, the 2-axis mounting bolts allow for precise aiming of the light beam. In short, you can eliminate any dark voids left by your original headlights. Additionally, the lens is sealed to lock out dirt and moisture.


  • Beam Spread: 7° Vertical x 13° Horizontal Reflective
  • Range: W410-3780'/1152m
  • Standard Bulb: 55-Watt H-3 quartz halogen

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