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WARN 4X Flood Lights

If you're looking for great side visibility, WARN 4X Flood lights have a beam spread of 15° vertical by 24° horizontal. In other words, on average you'll illuminate 200% more area than with original equipment headlights. That means you have the advantage when driving off-road, particularly in areas where deer, elk, moose or livestock are frequent surprises. 4X Flood lights are available in 6" and 5" sizes, and feature 55 watt H-3 quartz halogen bulbs, polished stainless steel housings, hard plastic lens covers and 2-axis mounting brackets.

Kit includes: pair of lights, switch, wiring and two hard plastic lens covers.
Single light kit includes: one light, mounting hardware and hard plastic lens cover.


  • Beam Spread: 15° Vertical x 24° Horizontal
  • Reflective Range: W620-2800'/853m, W520-1840'/561m
  • Standard Bulb: 55-Watt H-3 quartz halogen

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